About me

I'm working for more than 20 years as an actor in German-speaking areas. Before that I studied dramatics and before that I exercised a quite civil occupation: an engineering draftsman.

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Place of Residence

I am living in Dusseldorf . But I‘m travelling a lot through Germany and other countries. So a personal meeting could be possible once.


German, English and French. For every other language, there will be a friend of mine who is looking forward to translate your messages.


since many years I‘m dealing with the question of the origin of my name. Scharlowski is a rare name and it should be easy to unite the Scharlowskis few in this world in a Family Tree. I thought. When I then set off, I finally realized how time-consuming, but also interesting and exciting this journey into the past could be.

With this website I would like to make you my recent research results available, not least to be able to collect in the hope of new hints and data.

Part of this website is protected by a password, because I want to protect the data of the living members of families around the Scharlowskis. Just do contact me. I send you like to access information.

I‘m looking forward to each new relative, I‘ll meet by this site.

Reinhard Scharlowsky

Dear relatives,